Investment Long term investment

How does a SIP work?

What is SIP? SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is a plan through which a person can invest a small amount...
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Investment Mutual Fund

Things to check before investing in Mutual Funds

Important things to check before investing in Mutual Funds Mutual funds have emerged as one of the best ways to...
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Investment Long term investment

Power of compounding: Reason to invest

Everyone talks about the investment, why we should invest is still not clear to most of them. So, what is...
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Investment Long term investment

What is Share Buyback?

The Buyback is a process in which a company repurchases its own shares from its existing shareholders, which reduces outstanding...
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Income tax Investment Long term investment Retirement

5 Reasons: why Retirement Planning is Important

Retirement should be the best time of your life, when you can relax and enjoy your life with your loved...
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Investment Long term investment

Things to check before opening a DEMAT account

Demat Account is used to hold your investments such as shares, mutual funds etc. in electronic form. It is same...
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Income tax

Understanding Form 16

Form 16 is an Income Tax form issued by the company to its salaried employees in India. It is the detailed...
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Taking first step…

Investing is the process of trading your present money to earn more money in the future. You have three main...
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